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In the rapidly changing technology market, there are times when even the most nimble company can find it hard to resource their next tech project from just their existing staff. Audio electronics and acoustics design skills are especially difficult to find, but have a major impact on a products success in the marketplace. Mellow Acoustics, specialise in supporting these types of projects by providing 1 or 2 day consultancy packages to answer those ‘what if’ questions, offering short term contracts of 1 - 3 months to support your overworked team. Or, we can undertake the complete product development from initial concept to manufacturing release.

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All of our engineers are highly qualified, with many years’ experience in acoustics and electronics, having previously designed Pro-Audio, high end and mass market products for a variety of SME and Blue-chip companies. Conveniently located in the Thames Valley, Mellow Acoustics Ltd is close to the M25, M3 and M4 with excellent links to London and the Home Counties. We offer OEM customers a wide range of engineering design and development services under one roof.

Our specialism covers acoustic and electronics design of everything from portable products to high-end audio. From the initial research into how a new technology may best be applied, to the design of the audio electronics driving the loudspeaker we take a holistic approach to the design ensuring the best possible sound quality is achieved from your product. 

 Here are some of the design services we can offer:-


  • Electrostatic Loudspeaker - design and prototyping.
  • Conventional Loudspeakers design – including enclosures.
  • Acoustic wave guides.
  • Loudspeaker crossovers with minimal phase shift**.
  • Mobile phone/MP3 player headsets with/without Active Noise Control.
  • Active and passive electronic filters design.
  • AVB Bridge speakers and microphone designs.
  • Amplifiers – analogue, digital (Class D), tube, solid-state amplifier design.
  • Switch-mode power supplies (SMPS).
  • Acoustical measurements.
  • Mathematical modelling of your acoustic system.
  • PC based design and simulation of electronic hardware to meet your specification.
  • Product prototyping to meet your specification.
  • Acoustic/electronic test and verification of your product
  • Acoustic design and testing on mobile products e.g. phones, tablet's and personal wireless based products.
  • Fault diagnosis and performance enhancement of existing mobile acoustic product designs.

**We are particularly proud of our current-feedback filter system for maximizing the bass performance of a loudspeaker in a very small enclosure.

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