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Mellow Acoustics are specialists in acoustic and electronic product design. We have extensive knowledge of consumer product design having worked for many large corporations and small start-up businesses alike. We have numerous articles on audio published in the academic and popular press, some of these are featured in our 'Books and Papers' section of this site.

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Reducing costs with standard audio designs 

Great product audio need not be expensive, but a trial and error approach can cost both time and money. Our custom design service covers the complete product cycle from prototype to final manufacture, but for those on a restricted budget we recommend our 'Standard speaker designs'.

These are proven designs for various applications provided at a fixed cost. Each design contain all you need to add great sound to your product, including a working prototype, full acoustic test results, mechanical CAD design and detailed guidelines on how to integrate them into your product.

Our Standard speaker designs

MA01SD - Hi Fi Bluetooth speakers

Even though the case is only 26cc, these speakers pack a punch above their size! Rated at 4 Watts (8 Watts peak) they delivery 83dB @ 1m over a bandwidth of 150Hz - 20KHz! Applications include:- Portable Bluetooth speakers, PC speakers and music speakers in small products. Please send me details.

MA02SD - Low cost speech

With a 4cc enclosure and a tiny 30mm diameter transducer, this speakers design can be fitted almost anywhere and still sound great! Rated at 0.5 Watts (1 Watts peak) they delivery 64dB @ 1m over a bandwidth of 550Hz - 12KHz. Applications include:- Low power portable application, price sensitive speech and toys. Please send me details.

MA03SD - Low cost speech in vehicles and noisy spaces

A small 4cc enclosure and a thin low profile rectangular shape make these speakers are perfect for speech applications in noisy environments. Rated at 2 Watts (3 Watts peak) and available in 4 and 8 Ohms, they can delivery 83dB @ 1m over a bandwidth of 550Hz - 20KHz. Please send me details.

Coming Soon - Haptics speakers, Portable music speakers and mobile Hands - Free.

These designs will be available shortly, but please get in contact if you wish to pre-order. Please send me details.

Crystal clear audio recordings from your product

Recovering speech in noisy environment usually involves a wearing a boom microphone, but our multiple (beamforming) microphone designs offer a cost effective alternative. They are highly sensitive to sound in the users’ direction (steerable) while rejecting noise from all other directions and can be located some distance from the user. Above all, our compact design works at much lower frequencies than conventional beam-forming arrays.  
Please note:- Simpler designs for less exacting, but more sensitive applications using single microphones are also available.  

About the bass!

The 'Big Bass' sound can be a real challenge in today's small products, but our custom active and passive loudspeaker designs are especially tuned in order to extend the bass and reduce distortion at higher sound levels. This can have others benefits too: For example, speakers and sirens can be combined into one device thus saving your component costs.

Add exciting effects to your audio

Need audio effects like surround sound, noise gating or just to connect your audio device to the ‘Internet of Things’? Then we can provide the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) from the top silicon vendors to solve your problem. Previous customers have added new features like Dynamic Range Control (DRC) and matched filters for their speakers in this way.

Solving problems with your product’s audio

Product prototypes that worked in the lab, often fail in pre-production, causing costly delays. All too often it is unclear what has caused these problems, so it is reassuring that we can diagnose and solve your problem using our extensive audio measurement equipment, either onsite or at our own premises.

Proving and prototyping your technology

Had a bright idea for a new product, but need to know whether it can really work? We work with many ‘Start up’ companies in this situation and can give a detailed assessment of the proposed technology. Alternatively, we can design a suitable acoustic and electronic system for your product and produce a prototype demonstrator to impress potential investors!   
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